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Our Dallas truck accident attorneys passionately fight big insurance companies for our clients. According to Irving Weekly, in 2020, 4,965 people in the United States died from truck accidents. Texas truck accident deaths accounted for 643 of those people. This was the highest fatality rate in any state in the U.S. Only California is in second place with 398 people who died from truck accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation regulates the trucking industry. The FMCSA collects information about 18-wheeler accidents from around the U.S. From 2008-2018. The FMSCA found that Texas is number one in truck accidents yearly. 

Texas roads are the deadliest for 18-wheeler truck accidents.

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Why Are Truck Accidents So Deadly

It is a matter of simple physics—the more a vehicle weighs and the faster it accelerates, the greater the force it produces (force = mass x acceleration) and the damages it causes. The average 18-wheeler truck weighs approximately 35,000 lbs. Fully loaded, it can legally haul loads up to 80,000 lbs., i.e., 40 tons. Also, the overall average length of a large 18-wheeler is 70-80 ft. The time to stop an 18-wheeler is 40% greater than that of a car.

For at least these reasons, a truck accident can be some of the deadliest accidents on the road.  An 18-wheeler accident can leave multiple people dead.  You must retain one of our experienced Dallas truck accident attorneys if you’re involved in a truck accident.

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Choosing the Correct Dallas Truck Accident Attorney

Our Dallas truck accident lawyers are experienced, aggressive, hardworking, persistent, and knowledgeable whether settling or litigating a case.  They believe preparation is never lost time.  When opposing counsel is sleeping, they are preparing. 

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Our lawyers know the federal laws and regulations that govern 18-wheeler trucks and drivers.  Make sure any 18-wheeler accident lawyer you are considering is knowledgeable about federal trucking laws and regulations.  Congress has enacted these special federal laws regulating 18-wheelers to promote highway safety.  These regulations govern everything from driving time to the weights of the trucks and their cargo.

Many truckers fail to adhere to these regulations, and the consequences can be deadly.  Corbett & Corbett attorneys work to know these laws and other pertinent state laws.  If a trucking company or its driver has negligently, recklessly, or intentionally caused you or a family member injuries or death, call our Dallas 18-wheeler accident attorneys immediately.

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