I have been in a car wreck, now what

Call our law office immediately so we can start fighting for your rights. Additionally, do not discuss your case with anyone especially the insurance company.

What are your fees in a personal injury case

If we take your case, in most situations, you pay NOTHING upfront.  In fact, you pay nothing at all if we are unable to get you compensated for your injuries.  However, if we get you compensation without litigation, our fees are the standard one-third plus expenses.  If litigation is required, our fees will increase.

When should I hire an attorney

If you were injured in an auto accident, you should hire an attorney immediately.  Trying to handle your case without a Dallas auto injury lawyer could be costly.  The insurance company has skilled adjusters and attorneys who are trained to prevent you from recovering damages without a Dallas injury attorney.

Should I talk with the insurance adjuster

No, do not speak with the insurance adjuster without the assistance of a skilled Dallas auto accident attorney.  Additionally, do not sign any papers.

Can I get medical treatment without insurance

If we take your case, typically medical providers will treat you on our promise to pay them from your settlement.

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What are your fees in a criminal case

Our fees in a criminal case depend on a variety factors such as the classification of the charge, amount of bond, whether the case goes to trial, etc.

Do you bond people out of jail

No, however, we do bond reductions.

Do you handle federal cases


Do you handle cases outside dallas

Yes, we handle criminal cases throughout Texas.

How many criminal cases have you handled

Too many to count.