Our Firm’s Use Of Technology

Technology is a game changer

Our firm uses the latest, up-to-date, and cutting-edge technology to handle your legal matter. Technology enables us to provide a seamless and convenient communication stream with our clients, especially during a pandemic. Technology also allows us to protect our clients’ most sensitive and confidential information.

Our Senior Partner, Augustus Corbett, is a tech “geek.” He has a science background, having majored in Chemistry, and minored in Math in college. He has been buying Apple computers and their other products since the early 1990s.  The first Apple computer he purchased was the Macintosh Classic. He has also built websites since the mid-’90s. When his daughter was in elementary school, he built her school’s website when websites were very new. Her school district also wanted him to develop their website. He has built several church websites also.

Fast forward to the 21st century. After becoming an attorney, Mr. Corbett was one of the first attorneys to take an iPad to the courthouse for hearings versus a large, bulky briefcase. Several attorneys asked him how he managed his clients’ cases on the iPad and even solicited him to teach other attorneys a class on the iPad. With the use of iPads, he has guided our attorneys on how to do high-level presentations of evidence in court.

Specific Software Or Apps

A few years ago, Mr. Corbett and his daughter, Chloe Corbett, began practicing law together. They use high-tech software to manage the law firm. However, in the age of computer hackings, they go to extraordinary measures to ensure their clients’ files and data are protected and secure.


When the firm needs to communicate with our clients urgently and securely, we use a powerful app called Telegram. We stopped using the less secure Message app years ago. Information on Telegram is encrypted and stored in the Telegram cloud.


Each time Augustus or Chloe logs into their many online accounts, they use 1Password. This app is one of the most effortless and secure methods of managing multiple complicated passwords. Most of our passwords combine at least 100 characters of numbers, letters, and symbols.


To do client intake and file management, we use Clio, a cloud-based case management software system. Clio is way ahead of the old paper file system that law firms used ten or more years ago, and presumably, some firms continue to use the antiquated file cabinet system. Clio offers our firm portability, convenience, and top-notch military-grade cyber security. It also handles some of our firm’s accounting, invoicing, and client communicaion.


We use Tresorit to back up our files. This European-based company has very high-level security. Its servers are in different locations around the world, which further improves security even more. With Tresorit, our attorneys have full access to client files anywhere. No system is bulletproof; however, Tresorit is superior to having clients’ paper files stored in file cabinets, making them vulnerable to theft, fires, sabotage, etc.


We work hard and tirelessly to use technology in various ways to ensure the best processes and procedures for our clients. Utilizing modern-day technology is helping us excel as a law firm. The more our firm excels, the more value we can offer our clients.


Corbett & Corbett does not recommend or endorse the software in this list. This list of software provided is for informational purposes only.