Criminal Defense

Dallas Criminal Lawyer

I’m on call 24/7. My criminal practice includes representing people who are charged with one or more felonies, misdemeanors or a combination of both. These charges carry very different punishment ranges and fines. Below we discuss both types and make general comments concerning each. Do not construe this information as legal advice as the facts and circumstances of each case vary and require different strategies and approaches.


Under Texas law, a person can be charged with one or more of the following types of felonies in order of seriousness:

  1. capital murder,
  2. first degree felony,
  3. second degree felony,
  4. third degree felony, and
  5. state jail felony.

Capital murder can, and often does, result in execution. The other four felonies can result in substantial time of incarceration and monetary fines. For the above reasons, a person charged with one or more of the above felonies must acquire the services of a competent and aggressive Dallas criminal lawyer to fight for his life, liberty and/or property.

An aggressive and competent Dallas criminal lawyer is needed for many reasons.  One of the most important is to stand up to prosecutors who often offer plea deals that appear at first glance to be advantageous but are disadvantageous to defendants.

A Dallas criminal lawyer who lacks competence and aggressiveness may advise his clients to take such deals to end the case quickly.  Contact our office if you are facing one or more felony charges and agree that you need a competent and aggressive Dallas criminal lawyer representing you.


No matter what anyone tells you, misdemeanor charges can have serious consequences.  For example, certain misdemeanor convictions can result in jail time, huge fines, suspension of your driver’s license, enhancement of future charges or even deportation if you are in the country illegally.

What is more, a misdemeanor conviction can create problems securing employment, renting apartments or obtaining occupation licenses.

Consequently, as a Dallas criminal lawyer, I take misdemeanor charges as seriously as I do felonies and you should too.  Call us concerning your misdemeanor charge.  Depending on the particular circumstances surrounding your case, we may be able to get the misdemeanor charge dismissed and expunged.