Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas

This area of the law determines whether and how much compensation injured parties should receive for the negligent behavior of others. Personal injury law is practiced in civil courts and may involve vehicles, medical providers, employers, retail stores, homeowners, etc. Lawyers who practice personal injury law are known as personal injury lawyers.

Personal Injury Attorney

A Dallas personal injury attorney represents people injured in various ways including in vehicles, on the job, at stores and many other ways. When an accident occurs, people lives are changed forever. Victims are left with large medical bills, painful injuries, loss wages and so on.

Accidents do not happen out of thin air. They occur when a negligent person or entity violates safety rules. Seldom are they freak accidents. A thorough investigation can discover the rule violations and negligence.

Why Choose The Corbett Law Firm?

If the negligent conduct of another person causes you injuries, call Dallas personal injury lawyer Augustus Corbett and get him fighting for you.

He has handled many accident cases. He works tirelessly to maximize the compensation you entitled to receive. He doesn’t take “no” from insurance companies. He’s ready to take cases to trial if insurance companies refuse to offer fair compensation.

Why should you, the victim of someone’s negligence, get inadequate compensation for your injuries? You did not cause the accident and should not have to pay. However, do not fight the insurance companies without a skilled Dallas personal injury lawyer like Augustus Corbett fighting for you. You alone are no match for their adjusters, attorneys, experts, etc. They are very skilled at keeping your compensation low.

Sign No Papers and Make No Statements

It’s very important that you sign NO papers NOR give any statements if the negligent driver’s insurance adjuster contacts you. You may be signing away precious rights.

Car Insurance

Some vehicle owners do not have insurance on their cars. When these uninsured drivers negligently cause accidents their victims often experience difficulty getting compensation. However, we have experienced finding other avenues to get our clients compensated when such circumstances are present.

Medical Treatment

Often, victims refuse medical treatment at the scene of the accident because they fear medical costs. This decision can be a mistake. Your injuries may not appear until days after the accident. If you wait until then, the adjuster will argue that you were not injured. Even more important, put your health first. Be on the safe side and get checked out. Don’t diagnose yourself unless you are certain there are no injuries.

Again, if a negligent person or entity causes you injuries, let personal injury attorney Augustus Corbett fight for you. He’ll fight hard to get you compensated for all your damages including pain and suffering, loss wages, medical bills, and other damages.

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