Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Attorney in Dallas

Many Texans treat traffic tickets as annoying and pesky burdens, letting them linger until they become more significant problems.  

If you treat traffic tickets like mere optional payments, they will come back to haunt you – both financially and otherwise. Specifically, brushing aside tickets will add points to your driving record, suspend your license, or even get arrest warrants issued against you for nonpayment and missing court dates. Think about it, without a license you are reliant on public transportation for work, school or family outings – all because of uncontested or unpaid tickets.

From minor infractions to tickets with severe consequences, we want to help you preserve your driving privileges. We will fight against illegally issued tickets whether the police issued them by entrapment, without sufficient evidence or for some other unconstitutional reason.

For whatever reason, if you’re worried your license could be suspended, or you’re worried about losing your CDL license due to traffic infractions, schedule your consultation with our firm so we can put your ticket worries behind you.

Our Dallas traffic ticket attorney is a former assistant city attorney who has prosecuted many people for traffic tickets and other city code violations. She took many of her cases to trial and won guilty verdicts. She knows the city court system well and now she’s using that experience, skills and knowledge to defend drivers.

Penalties for Unpaid Traffic Tickets

Texas has many rules for drivers to follow. For those interested in retaining a copy of the Texas’ Driver Handbook, you can grab your copy here.

Each city in Texas dictates how much they charge for traffic violations, both moving and nonmoving. In Dallas, here’s an idea what speeding tickets cost in 2018:

  • Speeding (1 ‐ 10 MPH over): $97 fine + 104.10 court costs = $201.10
  • Speeding (11 – 15 MPH over): $122 fine + $104.10 court costs = $226.10
  • Speeding (16 – 20 MPH over): $147 fine + $104.10 court costs = $251.10
  • Speeding (20 MPH+): $200 + $104.10 court costs = $304.10
  • Excessive speed in school zone (1 ‐ 10 MPH over): $117 fine + $104 court costs = $221.10
  • Excessive speed in school zone (11 ‐ 15 MPH over): $142 fine + $104.10 court costs = $246.10
  • Excessive speed in school zone (16 ‐ 20 MPH over): $167 fine + $104.10 court costs = $271.10
  • Excessive speed in school zone (20+ MPH over): $200 fine + $ 104.10 court costs = $304.10

Here is the entire list of traffic violations and costs within the City of Dallas.

Seatbelt tickets, other moving and nonmoving violations (parking), and other infractions have their own costs, which change often. All tickets have a base fine plus court costs.

It bears repeating, giving up your right to drive in Dallas means you must find an alternative means to get around. Precisely, drivers with 4 or more traffic tickets in one year, or 7 or more in two years, could find themselves with suspended driving privileges. Reinstatement fees and the possibility of having to retake your driving test may increase the amount required to get back to driving.Defenses to Traffic Tickets

Common Defenses To Traffic Tickets

Some people make the blunder of deciding not to fight traffic tickets because they feel police officers are always right.  They think that fighting an officer in traffic court would be pointless. Not true, especially with Dallas traffic ticket attorney in the courtroom with you! As a former prosecutor, she knows well all the defenses to traffic tickets which can get your ticket dismissed:

  • Driver did not run a red light;
  • Clocked speed was within posted limits as the driver knew them to be;
  • There was no posted speed limit where the officer was clocking drivers;
  • Driver yielded to emergency personnel, but officer insisted they didn’t;
  • Driver had financial responsibility, but the paperwork was not in the vehicle; or
  • Dispatch told the commercial driver to skip a required weigh station;

There are many other defenses based on the violation you received. With many officers wearing body cameras, vehicles installed with dash cameras and traffic cameras next to traffic lights, it’s easy to find evidence of wrongdoing. Our firm will work to reveal all discrepancies.

We may use similar defenses when commercial drivers are ticketed for improper lane usage, failing to stop at required weigh stations and other minor violations.

Let Our Firm Fight Traffic Tickets for You

With conviction-based surcharges, an unforgiving point system and so much riding on your driver’s license, hiring a lawyer is much cheaper than living without driving privileges. As with any civil or criminal action, the law affords persons accused of violating Dallas traffic laws the opportunity to hire a lawyer.

Let Corbett & Corbett LLP look into your traffic tickets and fight until the city reduces or potentially dismisses your tickets. Call us at (214) 956-4418 to schedule an initial case review with an attorney knowledgeable in local and state traffic laws.