What Clients Want From Their Lawyers

We heard you.

Recently, we conducted a survey that asked people what they wanted if they were injured in a truck accident. We got great feedback. We’ll use this feedback to get better and better as a law firm.

According to our survey, there are four main things you want from your lawyer. Let’s review what you told us:


First, a majority said you want great financial compensation for your injuries, and you want it fast. We understand this desire since the accident caused you lots of pain, medical bills, credit damage, lost wages, mental anguish, and often much more. Hence, our lawyers and staff will work hard and fast to get you the best financial compensation quickly.


Second, you want your lawyer to inform you of the legal process thoroughly so you can understand what’s going on with your case and be involved. Then, you want your lawyer to keep you updated. This expectation makes lots of sense too. Who wants to be in the blind about something so impactful on their life? We get it! Consequently, we will inform you of the legal process thoroughly and keep you updated with the progress of your case.


Third, you want your lawyers to be aggressive and go hard after the negligent party and his insurance company. We understand this to mean be relentless and dogged in our pursuit of the negligent party and his insurance company. Make them pay for your damages. That’s what we’ll do precisely. You can count on it.


The word we heard repeatedly was JUSTICE. We weren’t surprised by this either. Justice is an important word that’s being used everywhere nowadays. It’s used in the political arena and the social justice field. It means to protect and compensate the victim. We take it to heart for our clients. Therefore, rest assured, JUSTICE IS OUR PURSUIT!

5.    NO FEES

Fourth, many of you didn’t seem to understand what contingency fees are. Let us explain. Typically, you pay your lawyer upfront for his services. However, with personal injury cases, you don’t pay until the end, and only if, your lawyer wins your case. If she doesn’t win your case, you will not owe the lawyer anything in contingency fee cases. Thus, we will earn no money from your case unless we obtain a favorable settlement or jury verdict.


Based on our survey these are the four primary desires most clients have of their lawyer. We’ll work hard to meet your expectations. You deserve them, and we plan to deliver.