The Types Of Civil Rights Cases We Handle

Our Civil Rights Practice

At Corbett & Corbett, we recognize there are numerous forms of discrimination, such as employment, housing, voting, and education discrimination, among others. However, we have made a conscious decision to focus our civil rights practice specifically on police brutality and banking discrimination cases for three compelling reasons:

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts: Our dedication to these two areas of civil rights discrimination allows us to become true experts in the field. By concentrating on these issues, we can develop an in-depth understanding of the law, procedures, and strategies relevant to these specific cases. This expertise enables us to provide exceptional legal representation and achieve favorable client outcomes.

Resource Allocation

By limiting our practice to police misconduct and banking discrimination, we can allocate our firm’s resources more efficiently. Civil rights cases can be demanding in time and resources, requiring extensive research, investigation, and preparation. Focusing on two specific areas enables us to streamline our processes and effectively dedicate our resources to ensure the highest quality representation for our clients.

Personal Connection

For us, this work is deeply personal. As African Americans, we have experienced discrimination personally, including police misconduct and banking discrimination. Our personal experiences have fueled our passion to fight against these injustices. We understand firsthand the challenges and impact these issues can have on African Americans. That’s why our commitment to combating police misconduct and banking discrimination is professional and deeply personal.


While other forms of discrimination are equally burdensome, we have focused on police misconduct and banking discrimination due to our expertise, resource considerations, and personal connection to these issues.